Luxury cruising in southern baja


Luxury cruising in southern baja


Ample and lush spaces on board a catamaran make it the perfect vessel to venture into the heart of the Sea of Cortez. Our single day trips are designed to provide our guests with a well rounded experience of the personalized attention our crew members are known for. We’re always proud to share our natural patrimony and allow our guests to discover all of the hidden gems the Espíritu Santo national park has to offer to those looking for the ultimate wildlife encounters and dreamiest of turquoise blue waters.

Luxurious cruising in La Paz

Espiritu Santo Island


$2,800 USD

quick Information

Pristine locations

Fully Crewed vessels

Personalized Service

Freshly Prepared Meals

Dreamy Anchorages


All Meals onboard

Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Beach Set Up


Snorkeling equipment

Fishing gear


Fishing & Activity Tenders

Professional Photography


A TASTE OF THE BAJA adventure lifestyle

Our catamarans are fully equipped adventure powerhouses. They provides comfort and their ample spaces allow our guests to enjoy the fresh sea breeze, sweet baja sun and discover the hidden gems of the Sea of Cortez. A day trip on a catamaran can give you a little taste of the freedom and relaxation you can get on the multi day voyages. Check out all of the specifications here.

catamarans are Perfect for groups and families

Whether it’s a big family, yoga retreat, bachelor party or wedding group, we’ve designed our catamaran experiences thinking about the specific needs and features that many travelers are looking for. Besides playing your own music and enjoying the many amenities on board, we’ve got you covered when it comes to creating the perfect setting for your ideal baja get away. The crew is happy to welcome everyone on board, that wouldn’t otherwise fit together in one of our smaller center console boats. 


Our “Luxury Combo” includes a tender boat with permits to visit the most protected areas of La Paz bay, like the Whaleshark sanctuary (Oct-May) and the Sea Lion colony of Los Islotes (Sept-May). Other options for activities include sportfishing, spearfishing and even hiring a hydroplane to find wiLdlife and hop on a Seafari. Not everyone has to get on, which is why having a catamaran as a base boat, can keep those who are not feeling the call of adventure on a mood of relaxation.


Discover the hidden gems in Southern Baja with the comfort and extended range that our catamaran cruises can deliver. It does not  matter if  you’re on a relaxation or an adventure driven itinerary, we will make sure you spend your holiday in the most comfortable way possible. Featuring 4 air conditioned staterooms with their own private bathrooms, any family or group of friends will definitely enjoy the privacy and comfort that no other accommodation or charter option can match. Multi Day voyages are perfect for those who are looking to really disconnect from the digital world and re-connect with nature and your loved ones.

More range = more adventures !

Southern Baja Range Map

Sea Of Cortez Islands Rates

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Sea of Cortez 

Magdalena Bay Rates

Personalized adventures in remote locations

Southern has many beautiful islands that are so remote and inaccessible by day trip tours, making them the ideal destination for  maritime escapades. The best part of these sort of trips is that there are no defined itineraries or limiting factors (besides the weather of course) that can constrain the fun or the enjoyment of your group or family.

Perfect for off the grid get aways

With the multi day capabilities of our catamarans comes the great opportunity to go off-grid, leaving the mainstream world behind sets anyone up for a time slowing adventure. Let your mind, body and soul go back to a freedom state and let your day be dictated by the sunrise, the seabreeze and the tides. 

Disconnect to reconnect and remember what is truly essential in this life.  With your basic needs taken care of, all that remains is the drive to explore further, dive deeper and enjoy the little things, that mean so much more when you’re all the way out there in the remote locations which we will take you to.

The catch of a lifetime awaits

When you least expect it, the opportunity to land a big fish will present itself. The heart beats faster, the blood flows stronger and the good memories will last a lifetime. We’ve dreamed about being able to set up these long range fishing expeditions, and after 10 years of hard work, Our Pacifico and Odisea catamarans are the materialization of those fantasies of catching the biggest beasts that lurk in the waters throughout Southern Baja and discovering the beauty above the waters in the gulf of california.

fishing isnt the only fun that's out there

The sheer amount of potential wildlife encounters in the southern baja region, creates the perfect setting for photographers and pelagic encounter enthusiasts, as it’s not uncommon to find bait balls teeming with marlin, marine mammals, birds and many kinds of rays among others; Dreamy remote destinations create the perfect setting for any adventure, regardless of whether you intend to bag a few fish or not. Trekking, paddle boarding and other fun activities can also be a part of your dream getaway with us.

Why go on a liveaboard trip ?

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