Incredible Fishing Variety This Summer!

Great Mahi Fishing
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La Paz Fishing Report / JULY 31st 2020

Summer weather but, not summer fishing. This is not to say fishing is bad, it’s just not what we normally see for this time of year.
The weather is hot and humid, with traditional Coromuel winds in the morning turning into flat calm seas most days.
Bait has been widely available, both in the bay and on the way to the fishing grounds with sardines being the largest I’ve seen in years.

We are experiencing some cloud cover in the mornings burning off in the afternoon. I believe this is residual moister from the storms in the Atlantic coming across the mainland.
The water conditions are the biggest concern. Normally by now we have mid 80 degree water temperatures with great visibility. Offshore this is the case. Unfortunately inshore the water is still unstable ranging from 76-83 degrees and dirty green. This condition is caused by Pacific upwellings, when cold nutrient rich water comes up from the deep. When exposed to the sunlight the algae blooms and turns the water green and depletes some of the oxygen. Not a condition favored by most of the Pelagic species.

On a brighter note the variety of fish being caught is incredible. AmberJacks, yellowtail and Roosterfish are plentiful. These are normally our spring early summer fish. We had a guest this week catch one of the biggest Cabrilla I’ve seen in years. Dorado have moved more into a summer pattern, trolling small to medium size lures in open water or bait fishing the bouys has been very successful. In the early summer we normally have a lot of sargasso grass that holds bait and offers structure. This consolidates the fish making for a more targeted approach.

Nice Mahi Mahi

The Spearo’s have been extremely busy shooting AmberJacks and yellowtail. This week they got to add wahoo to their lists. Tuna sightings at the north end of Cerralvo. These fish are the big boys 100# class. I am hoping the water will stabilize and clear up soon creating more favorable conditions for the tuna to settle in on the seamounts. Some locals are finding tuna traveling under the porpoises, unfortunately these fish are too far off shore and not a guarantee of finding them. It’s hero or zero. In my opinion it’s not worth burning your day looking for them with such a wide variety of fish close to shore.

That’s are week, please stay healthy and hope to see you soon.

Keep the faith


Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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