Shore activities

stand up paddleboards, kayaks & More !

Shore Activities


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Fresh sea breeze by the comfort of the shore

Reconnect with nature and discover the endless beauty the Sea of Cortez has to offer with our most easy-going and relaxed activities. Lounge in the quaint coral reefs and empty pristine beaches that are surrounding our headquarters in Puerta Cortés Resort, relax and splay out while enjoying the basic comforts of a classic beach day, perfect to enjoy and share among family and friends alike.

Adventure, Relaxation and rest

Beach please ! discover the best spots on a kayak or paddleboard !

Nothing beats a good rowing on a kayak or a paddling session on a SUP board. Puerta Cortés Resort. Come and check out the most Iconic beaches of La Paz like La Concha, Vistamar, Coromuel and  Caimancito, with the company of the best local guides in town.

Besides being a low impact activity, you can discover all of the marine biodiversity that is lining the seabed over turquoise crystalline waters of the pristine beaches that give La Paz it’s charm.

Your Safety is First, but so is your comfort !

We maintain high safety standards in the water and we bring forth a personalized attention that is up to date with the new protocols designated to combat the spread of the coronavirus. We have top quality gear that will always be dry and sanitized, as well as first aid and water rescue equipment.

We also have the basic beach commodities handy so you’re at ease and don’t have to lift a finger to have shade, seating, beach mats and even floaties that end up making a huge difference when enjoying the Baja sand and sun.

You can go from Zero to Hero !

Even if you’re not a water person or have never tried watersports, our staff will be happy to show you the basics, give you tips and tricks and assist with the propper technique to become adept with the paddle in your hand in a matter of minutes, so you can relax and enjoy.

We have a variety of single & double kayaks as well as soft & rigid Stand Up Paddleboards. The perfect variety for every level of experience as well as safe and fun for kids and beginners.


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Covid Updates

To meet and exceed current government regulations, we have ramped up our sanitizing protocols both for the gear that is used on our adventures as well as all of our boats. Our staff is being continuously monitored and tested as needed.

To comply with new travel requirements the medical center at the marina now offers on site testing, both AntiGen and PCR.

We are running all our adventures under limited load for as long as dictated by local authorities, this has helped to keep COVID under control in the Southern Baja area.