Storm Season almost over


La Paz Fishing Report / September 20th 2020

Weather & Bait

As September rapidly comes to a close with it goes our tropical storm season.. The seas are calm, the water temperature is mid to high 80’s and the humidity level is time temps have been mid to high 90’s.
Sardines are available but, some days they’re easy to make and some days not so. This is a definite early bird gets the worm deal. Get out as early as possible, the wait for bait can be painful.
We are sending more boats out with squid now that the Tuna are supposed to be here.

Fish Talk

Not much has changed in the last week. The Dorado are scattered throughout the entire fishing grounds. They range from 10-40 lbs and are willing to eat anything you put in the water. The seamounts are holding a variety of fish from striped Marlin, big Cubera snapper and grouper.
If wahoo are your target of choice La Reina up the ridge to punta norte is your best bet. They definitely are more on the chew if the water is moving a bit. Days with small tides and light current are making the fish lazy and off the feed. The usual dark colored rápalas or double looked ballyhoos on wire are getting bit.
The Tuna, the Tuna the Tuna. I don’t know. They should be here. They just started to show up south of us, a little late but they are there. This normally happens late July. Usually this means we are a week or two away from the fish making their way up and setting in. As always I will keep you posted.
Roosters are back on the sandy areas around La Ventana. This is late in the season for these comb backs but the quality is incredible, some of these fish are pushing 60 lbs.
October is normally the most productive month of the year for most species and best weather. Fingers crossed as we are only a couple of weeks away.
Last but not least, Happy Birthday  to Captain Cundo! (Pictured Above) 
Be safe and stay healthy.
Keep the faith
Scott Ohara

Scott Ohara

For Scott, the tug is the drug... He's now retired from business to pursue his passion and fish as much as he possibly can.

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